No Hard Feelings

by Classic Water

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First of all - Steve fucking rocks.

While a majority of our jam sessions were devoted to stumbling through green day and alkaline trio covers - rarely successful - Steve and I did manage to write and record the songs on this album.


released October 24, 2016

Stephen Pastor - drums, backing vox, plastic fan
Rudy - guitar, bass, vox/words, misc leads

Additional vox appearance by the great Alex Fagin on Ruined Refrigerator. His voice was too good to fit in anywhere else on this record.

Album was recorded at:
Steve's Garage Studios
Jesse's Basement Studios
Rudy's Apartment Studios

Recorded & mixed (and attempted to be mastered) by Rudy

Ruined refrigerator contains lyrics written by Twisted Sister. I had to double check to make sure I was crediting the correct band.

Album art presumably credited to Poster.



all rights reserved


Classic Water Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A band making music in a garage.


classicwaterband@gmail (dot) com
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Track Name: Hard Feelings
Theres bound to be hard feelings
But it doesn’t have to be that way
I know u know just what im on
But u gotta know I cant stay wrong for long
Because some things are gonna change
And the rivers only high because it rained all day
But you gotta promise me
No hard feelings

Theres gonna be hard feelings
It gets harder every day
Well I know just what u want from me
But its never gonna work that easily
U know u could just get away
Bc the river stays high when it rains everday
But could you promise me
No hard feelings
Track Name: Big Red Button
I got a brain in my head
Feet in my shoes
Numbers on a phone
My fingers can choose
And I can see for miles and miles and miles
But I ain’t seen nothing
Except for in my mind
Theres a big red button

I got caught cheating on the future
With all of her worse enemies
And I spent my last $20
On college girl amphetamines
And I coulda got a ride
But now im walking in the rain
Bc I didn’t want to talk to you
I mean i wouldn’t wanna bother u


Smoked myself into a mild depression
Never text her back
Cuz I never learn a lesson
Bathroom stall geology or
Modest mouse discography
Whoas oh nose
With calculated, philanthropy
U can get it
Pretty cheap
Its always cheap
Track Name: Neon Light
Yr always searching for reminders
U try n be so cruel
Searching for a rejoinder
Something I think of u
And in all of the cars
That are passing by
I always imagine avoiding yr eyes

Yr always striking from a distant
Aiming so carefully
Trying to hide my resistance
Trembling on buckling knees
Into the bars
Stare into neon light
Im gonna watch it burn out sometime
Track Name: Ruined Refrigerator
I got stabbed in the back with a plastic knife
And it snapped before falling to the floor
Waiting for a message or a phone call back
Since I heard what u were doing up north

Ruined refrigerator and broken window later
And I’m not gonna take this from u anymore

$40 missing I left sitting on the dresser
and the snakeskins I found opening the drawers
medical reasons for the shit that u believe in
and u had the cops banging on the door

make excuses, ask for favors
ruining refrigerators
and im not gonna hear it from u anymore
no im not gonna take it from u anymore

*twisted sister*
Track Name: Hand In Hand
Got a metric system mind
Delegating one eye to the time
Learning all the peaks and valleys
And which way the stars can be aligned


Got abandoned junk yard heart
Rusted metal, full of false starts
Nothing else here much of use
Everything sold or stole in parts


Hand in hand we go town now
Track Name: False Alarm
Everything is gonna end
And nothing will be right again
You are never gonna call
And I am never gonna call
Everyday wake up the same
And go to bed when nothings changed
Dreaming of you on my arm
Say its just a false alarm

The world will spin but I'll lose pace
I'll catch a permanent headache
You are never gonna call
And I am never gonna call
I’ll pile the sugar til its sweet
Scratch until I cannot bleed
Thinkin’ of u on my arm
Saying just a false alarm
Track Name: Littered Coffee Table
littered, coffee table
clean it up
when I am able to
mess from the night
mess of our lives
spilled ashtray thoughts
mess of a mind

but I don’t mind
I’ve got the time
Awake on couches
Watch it unwind


Bumming out with the ceiling fan view
Coming down w the nothing to do blues
Outta luck and outta phone
Don’t wanna move but I gotta get home
Try not to go n think about the shape im in
Since sammi moved out n took her prescriptions
But tonight we’re gonna be at it again
Yeah tonight we’re gonna be at it again
Track Name: Junk Cars
Whats another 1000 miles?
500 miles?
Whats another 20 miles in this ol’ thing
Better than nothin’

Whats a little bit of flakin’ rust
Or another shittly leaky pump
Since I forgot how to trust in anything

Broke down on the side of the road again

Drivin round those junk cars
Gettin round in junk cars
Fuckin up in junk cars

Whats another night of faking love?
Transporting blood?
Since I forgot how to trust in anything
Track Name: Distant, PA
I don’t even know the history
That’s just fine
Been a stranger for most my life
Idk if its me or they're workin’
Bc I find
U can stay sedated most the time

Don’t mind me
I’ve been haunting on by
Id rather never say a word
then pretend I’m someone u might admire
all yr attention
love n affection
its all wasting on me now
wasted on me now

I struck oil in this mystery
Yet I find
Im getting soiled and wasting time
But idk
if anythings ever worth it
Bc I find
U can stay a stranger all yr life
Track Name: Acting Funny
sorry bout yr broken leg
sorry if u think that i've been taking yr money
sorry if i never showed up
sorry if you think that i've been acting funny

bc u know that i love u
love u like yr an only friend
and u can't talk about forgiving
when i can't forget what i don't need
u can pull out all the weeds
but the cracks are gonna show
Track Name: Stupid
Ive been thinking bout the news
What id say whod I say it to
How would I word it
Sympathetic and selfish?
Maybe a little bit nervous
As if I never rehearsed it
Waxing pathetic

Dishonorable discharge
Arrested n admitted
Released n restricted, then readmitted
And I admit that
I knew that u were back in town
Just got so used to u never being around
you were never around

But Ive been thinking back to years ago
What I was hoping for man idk
What would you say now
what would you know

I wanna go back to those
Living rooms that looked like shit
Smoke and talk
Get high about it
Favorite records
Sleepless nights
All those beliefs
Where we were both always right
And im sure we sounded stupid
We were so fucking stupid
But I remember when you said that we were in this together
And you meant it